Art, Craft and Cookery

The Art, Craft and Cookery competitions allow exhibitors to have their entries judged by leading industry experts and to display their entries at the annual Daylesford Agricultural Show. Exhibitors compete for prizes and in some sections aggregate points to be awarded a coveted blue ribbon for title of Best in Show in that section. You might just want to enter for fun and/or to get some feedback on your entry to help improve your skills.

Art, Craft and Cookery Competition Details

Art, Craft and Cookery is divided into sections and within each section are competition classes as detailed in the schedule.

Midlands Group Classes (marked in schedule)

The winners of any Daylesford Show Midlands Group classes represent Daylesford and District Agricultural Society at the Midlands Group Final competing against Ballarat, Beaufort, Castlemaine, Clunes, Kingston and Maldon & Baringhup Societies.

VAS (Victorian Agricultural Show) Classes (marked in schedule)

The winners of the VAS classes represent Daylesford and District Agricultural Society at the Midlands Group Final and the winner of the Group Final then represents the Midlands Group at the next Royal Melbourne Show. VAS classes have special competition rules as detailed in the schedule.

General Competition Rules

  1. Entries close November 16, 2018.
  2. Specific information is found at the head of each section in the Daylesford Show schedule.
  3. PLEASE NOTE: All pavilion entries need to be delivered to the Pavilion between 12pm & 1.30pm on Friday 23rd Nov. No exhibit will be accepted after 1.30pm. Judging will commence at 2pm sharp.
  4. Section tickets must be firmly attached to article, no staples or straight pins are to be used.
  5. No exhibit will be released before 3.30pm.
  6. A steward must be in attendance when collecting articles.
  7. Please post entries early & include a stamped, self-addressed envelope, this will ensure acceptance of entries & prompt return of tickets.
  8. Please include all relevant information, fill in both sides of entry form & ensure correct entry fee is included.
  9. Prize money may be collected after 3.00pm at the Secretary’s Office.
  10. No names or markings will be allowed on any exhibit.
  11. Allocations of aggregate points in various Art, Craft and Cookery sections: 1st – 5 points, 2nd – 3 points. In the event of a tie, the most number of 1st prizes awarded will be the winner.

How to Win at the Show – Hints and Tips

Hints and tips shared by previous show competitors who learnt the hard way ie after the judging was finished.

Eggs – pointy end of the eggs should be pointing down in the carton